ERLING  福建二菱

Insist on defending national electronic electrician,Seiko quality

Our company attained ISO9002:1994 certification in 1996 and ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification in 2002. In 2008, we attained ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification. Our CATV set-top-boxes have passed the evaluation of the state administration of radio film and television (SARFT) and CCC certification. We have 20 years' history in printing circuit panels based on advanced technology and superior quality. Consequently, we have attained American UL certification, CQC certification and European RoHS certification.
About Us
About Us

Fujian Erling Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company of Rolling door motor, Rolling door controller and Digital TV Set-Top-Box (STB) and PCB and covers an area of more than 20000 square meters. Our company is located in Zhanghua Road and is a Fujian provincial high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and marketing.

Erling brand digital TV receiver set top boxes have won a high reputation in the state broadcasting and television sectors with high performance-to-price ratio, We have cooperated with customers at home and abroad for offering satisfactory after-sales services.

We will provide first class products and services with innovation, highly effective speedy and stable operation for all of our customers.
We defend the quality of national electrician
in more than twenty years

We product kinds of new products, including STB, Rolling door motor, motor controller,
Fire shutter door motor, PCB etc. All is designed to meet the needs of customers!
Customer service phone:9:00-17:00
Add:No. 388, Middle ZhanHua Road, Xiang'cheng District, Zhang'zhou City
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